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Rebirth. I am meant to be brilliant. I am meant to shine.

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I just found this journal entry from two years ago. It’s beautiful and perfect. And…I’m definitely still learning this lesson. A caterpillar must feel like it’s dying. Ayrie and I had a monarch caterpillar once and watching it, I certainly thought it was dying. It stopped eating, turned a strange, sickly, dull color and became lethargic.  And then the period of darkness came. It built that cocoon so tightly around it’s body. No where to run. No way to escape the pain of transformation, the shedding of what was, the…read more

what the soul needs

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I have thought about this a lot and some of what I wrote below came through thinking. But some of this also came through experience and intuition. The soul, I think, needs a few things… The soul needs to create. I don’t think it’s picky about what it creates. Poetry, pottery, community, classrooms, beauty, inspiration. The point is that it gives something to the world–something that is unique to that soul, that person, and that time. The soul needs to connect. With other people, with nature, with God and the…read more

where’s ayrie?

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This is a question Shiya asks and it seems that there are two answers… what happened to Ayrie’s body AND what happened to Ayrie’s life force.  While the spiritual component of this question is hard to answer and one I’ll write about later, I wanted to share my thoughts about his body. ***** When I think about Ayrie and I think about life.  I feel his energy, his vibrancy, his contagious smile.  As I held him in my arms early September 29th while the medical team was trying to resuscitate…read more