what the soul needs

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I have thought about this a lot and some of what I wrote below came through thinking. But some of this also came through experience and intuition. The soul, I think, needs a few things…

The soul needs to create. I don’t think it’s picky about what it creates. Poetry, pottery, community, classrooms, beauty, inspiration. The point is that it gives something to the world–something that is unique to that soul, that person, and that time.

The soul needs to connect. With other people, with nature, with God and the spirit world. Souls are not meant to be alone in this plane, and not meant to connect only with others on this plane. It’s meant to be connected in the here and now and across time and space.

The soul needs to play. Play with kids, play soccer, play in the rain, play board games. Again, the soul isn’t picky about when, where, and how play happens, but it needs to happen. I realize that this is what’s most missing in my life. I have a life filled with responsibility and I don’t spend enough time on play.

The soul needs to create and feel joy. Create joy in others and experience joy. This means different things for different people. It can be sitting in a kayak off the coast of Maine, sharing a home made meal with loved ones, reaching that transcendental place in meditation, helping a friend in need, gardening…Again, it’s not the how that matters.

The soul needs to give and receive love. This is a given, right? I mean I think our souls are made out of energy and that the energy closely resembles love. I think God or the One or the Great Spirit or the Universe is a loving energy. To be healthy our soul needs to give love and receive love. This is connected to the above ideas. We help create a feeling of love in others when we create our music, pottery, community, poetry, etc. We connect to others through love. We feel joy when we can share our love with others and receive unconditional love.

Did I miss anything? Do any of these resonate with you?

Thanks for being a part of my journey. xoxo.nora