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Many of you know that this Saturday, September 29th, marks two years since Ayrie’s unexpected passing. People have been sharing thoughts and words with me this week and it means so very, very much to me. Here is a quote shared with my by a friend:

The Divine Reality is Unthinkable, Limitless, Eternal, Immortal and Invisible. The world of creation is bound by natural law, finite and mortal. The Infinite Reality cannot be said to ascend or descend. It is beyond the understanding of man, and cannot be described in terms which apply to the phenomenal sphere of the created world.
And here are some words that someone shared with me.
“Nora, as you take your journey [to Arizona] – I want you to realize that you don’t need a journey – you have everything you need to transform, to become, to be amazing right now at this moment. This journey is simply an external extension of the internal work you’ve already been doing. Your son of course will be there – but you don’t need a trip to feel his presence- and you are deeply aware of this. The idea to reflect on is transformation – you have become an amazing woman and yet you’re still living as if that isn’t true in some ways. This journey is about letting old ways of thinking about yourself. The way you honor others is by allowing your best, most authentic self to show up each and every day. You don’t honor the world by hiding your light – so let it out – because that is where this feeling of stagnation comes from – it comes from you shrinking instead of stepping into your power.