the beauty of time alone with a book, a breeze, a journal, a feeling of peace

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In 24 hours- my whole world can turn around. Spiritual community, a walk, music that directs me inward, a breeze, alone time. Turning off the computer and thoughts of work.

Sitting by the lake tonight….I feel you Ayrie. I feel you here. I see you in the golden light playing in this perfect breeze. I see you in the water light that dance on the surface of the lake. I feel you in my center, in my soul, and I remember that you are always here.

When I work too much I feel sad, lonely, and alienated. I mean-it’s bad. (check out yesterday’s post to understand). When I take time to find Ayrie to look within, to just be, I am full of joy because I remember all over again that I am one soul connected to many here and beyond. And I know that I am never alone.

Balance, Nora.

Like the quote I copied from Deepak Chopra’s book tonight (paraphrased): Choose fear if you want to struggle and barely survive. Choose to know yourself if you want insight guided by intuition. Choose love if you want to heal others and yourself. Choose to Be to appreciate the infinite scope, beauty and magnificence of god, of the universe.

I reject fear. Fear of not having enough. Fear of what will happen if I deviate from the obvious path. Tonight I embrace joy and intuition.