ayrie in the sky

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shiya and I were sitting at logan airport yesterday having lunch before the flight.  we were talking easily and i was teasing him.  he looked up to a spot above and to the right of my head and said, “did you hear that ayrie?  mom called me a goober!” shiya has never talked to ayrie like this before, mid-conversation.

i asked, “is ayrie here with us?”

“yes. so are our angels,” he responded.  “they are going to fly with us today.”

“really? that’s so cool!” I exclaimed. “do they fly in the airplane with us or outside of it in the sky?”

“inside with us.  well, actually, they can go in and out of the airplane whenever they want to.”

Halfway through the flight we saw a rainbow out the window that stayed with us for at least 10 minutes.  It was a full circle double rainbow.  At first I thought I was imagining it so I had to ask Shiya if he could see it too!  It took my breath away and I felt sure that Ayrie and the angels were saying hi to us.