i think it’s pretty inside

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today shiya and I went to the Healthy Life Expo at the convention center in Minneapolis.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but we had free tickets and we just really, really needed to get out of the house.  We were both in a pretty foul mood. lots of crankiness and crying from both of us.

We walked into the convention center and were instantly greeted by sparkles, short skirts and fake tans as far as the eye could see.  It was the Minneapolis try outs for America’s Got Talent!

I had to feel bad for the (mostly) teenagers because they were all so nervous and they looked like they had been working for their entire lives for this moment to show their talent as a marching band player/tap dancer/singer/cheerleader/etc.

We tried to stop and take a photo but there were guards everywhere and they were stopping people from taking photos.

The expo was fine.  Nothing special but a interesting in that most of what I saw there was new to me.  Someone gave Shiya a lollipop and he was instantly happier.  Everyone was telling be what a cute smile he had and I was thinking “If only they could have seen him this morning starting at me in defiance while he stood on the counter and poured a box of cereal on the floor.”

When we left the expo and walked back to the parking lot we walked by a small brick building. Shiya started to walk away from me and towards the building.  I ran up to him to catch his hand and steer him towards the car.  He tugged away from me towards the building and told me that he wanted to go in there.  I again tried to convince him that no, he actually wanted to go to the car.  “Let’s go home and get lunch,” I tried  because he had just been telling me that he was hungry.  He said, “But I think it’s pretty inside.”

I was intrigued because really, the outside of the building was an uninspiring blocky cement facade.  But I looked up at the sign and read that it was a Lutheran church.  “Well,”I thought, “What can it hurt?  It’s a public building.”

So we went inside and it was pretty.  There were plants, paintings in beautiful colors and trees decorated in white christmas lights.  As I was about to lead Shiya back out of the building the person at the center desk welcomed us and asked if he could help us.  I told him, smiling, that we were in there because my son thought this building would be pretty on the inside.  The man said, “The sanctuary is still open.”

I didn’t know what the sanctuary was  but said, “Oh, that sounds nice.”  “Is it just down this way?” I asked, pointing down the hall.  “Maybe we’ll just walk down there and peek in.”

To my surprise he stood up and walked over to us from behind the desk.  “Here,” he said. “Follow me.  I’ll walk down with you.”

I wasn’t ready for this:

It was amazing!  “How did you know?” I asked Shiya in disbelief.  “How did you know it would be so beautiful inside?”  He, of course, shrugged nonchalantly.

I kneeled down at the alter and talked to Shiya about god and love and angels.  The person who led us in disappeared and it felt like we were in there alone and it felt magical.

Thanks once again Shiya for brining beauty into me life.