shiya and the moon

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Last night was’t quite the full moon, it was the night after the full moon… but it looked full and the night was perfectly clear (hence the -20 degree weather).

For some reason Shiya wanted to look out the window before going to bed.  I can’t actually remember him insisting on this before.  He gasped when he saw the moon and then told me “Look, there’s Ayrie right below the moon.”  We looked at it together and then he decided that he wanted to go outside to see it.  (Really?  I mean, it’s COLD!)  But this was an unusual request so we got out of bed, got on our coats and boots and went outside to admire the moon.  There was a yellow glow around the moon in the dark blue sky and Shiya and I watched the moon silence.  When we went back inside Shiya opened the curtain and laid his head on the window sill… he fell asleep looking at the moon.