dreams and intuition

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I just started a page with my dreams and intuitions.  I am not going to put everything as a post because I don’t think everyone wants to read about my dreams and intuitions!  The dreams are things that I have when I am sleeping and the intuitions are the visions or messages that I get when I am awake.  Some days I have lots of them, and some days I have none.  But I am working on my listening skills.  The page is here but you can also find it in the top menu bar.  Below is an intuition that I had last night while I was awake and i’ll share it because I think it’s pretty awesome.  If you are a buffy fan you might be jealous that she’s showing up to give me spiritual lessons 🙂

I was laying in bed trying to see my chakras again and asking if there were any spirit guides that I could meet.  Suddenly I got an image of Buffy the Vampire Slayer looking into a filing cabinet that went deep into the ground.  The filing cabinet had record of every demon, spirit, vampire and other that she had slayed.  She was trying to look at everything she had slayed but was only allowed to see the first few entries.  A voice told me “See?  She can’t see all of them because she can only see what she needs to see and is ready to see.  Like her, you will see the things you ask for when it is your time.”