no phone number or address

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Today i was at the post office and the woman in front of me had recently become homeless and needed to put her mail on hold.  she was having trouble submitting the necessary form because she didn’t have an address or phone number.  After she finished her frustrating conversation (she was very articulate and full of grace), I discreetly pulled her aside.  I shared with her how she could go to the library to get on a free computer and sign up for gmail and a google voice phone number.  the email address and phone number are both free and you don’t even need a phone.  you can check your voicemail through a computer.

I randomly found myself at a picnic last summer with Ayrie and Shiya at a church for GLBT membmers and a lot of the people at the picnic worked with homeless GLBT youth.  They were talking about how excited they were for google voice because not having an address or phone number was such a barrier to so many things.

glad they shared that tip with me, glad I could pass it on.  letting you know in case you can pass it on too 🙂