people die. does chicago?

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Shiya and I made a salad together for lunch.  As he chewed his spinach he was looking off pensively.

“What are you thinking about, sweetie?” I asked.

“Ayrie,” replied Shiya thoughtfully, still looking off pensively.

“What about Ayrie?”

Shiya turned to look right at me and said matter of factly, “people die.”

“They do.”  I nodded and then waited to see what he would say next.

“Other things die too?”

“Yes.  All living things die eventually.”

“Like trees?”  Shiya asked?

“Yep, like trees” i said encouragingly.

“And grass?  And dogs?  And guinea pigs?”

I was nodding right along, amazed that he seemed to understand what ‘living things’ are.  I was expecting something like ‘ rock’ but he kept going with a long list of living things…

“And Chicago?”

“No, the living things in Chicago can die but Chicago can’t die.”

“Why not?”

“Chicago doesn’t eat and drink and love.”

And then the conversation turned into one of those like, “what is/who is God” and we both ended the conversation more confused than we started 🙂