One for…

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Ayrie = Light.  The two words are synonymous in my mind these days.  Not light from a lamp but the purest kind of light… light from a fire for example.  I have heard about himalayan salt from Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan and have friends who have sworn that they could feel the positive effects of the  negative ions present in Himalayan salt providing counterbalances to the positive ions resulting from electronic devices such as televisions and cell phones.

So I thought, why not?  Even if I don’t feel the benefits I love the soft pink dancing glow that the flames give through the salt.   I chose a candle holder that fits three tea light candles and we light them before bed each night.  Shiya points to each flame over and says “One for Mommy, One for Ayrie, and One for Shiya.”  He does this many times each night and I think we both really love these moments.