images for peace, wonder, and healing

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I didn’t mean to fall in love with pinterest, but I did. For the most part I don’t collect images of projects, houses or clothing. No, I use it to collect colors and images that reach deep into my sole, that give me a sense of peace, wonder, or healing. One of my boards is called ‘Grief, Loss and Healing’ ( and this is one of my favorite images.

It reminds me of Ayrie who said once, “What’s the most I can love you?”

“Too infinity, I guess.” I said, still thinking. “If you loved me to infinity then your love for me would never end.”

I still remember him looking at me over his blankets that night, his brown eyes so wise and loving. “Then, I love you to infinity,” he said with a satisfied nod. And from then on he was always sure to tell me that he loved me to infinity. I would hug him tight and tell him the same.

And it’s true. Our love for each other had not died since he passed. It feels as strong and powerful as ever. Shiya, who is now four, tells me the same things. Except this time, we both know it’s true. We know that Ayrie’s love reaches us from beyond death and that no matter what happens, the three of us will always be connected through love, to infinity.

I cried when I first saw this image which represents the love in my life that crosses boundaries of time and space, that keeps me connected to my baby here on earth and my baby in the sky.

And then there are images like this one (my dad’s painting) with colors so deep and true that they seem to touch and soothe something deep inside me. I collect deep blues, vibrant greens, and burning reds.

Do you have any images that you love? That touch and heal you, if only for a moment? Please share a link, and perhaps even a little explanation.

Love. xoxo. nora