So much love everywhere (and you can poo on the airplane): By Shiya

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Shiya has a facebook page and about 80 friends. Believe it or not these are all family or close friends, and all know Shiya well. Some live in Minneapolis but most live all over the US, some in other countries. Once a week or so we log onto facebook and look at the photos of people we love and read about what’s happening to them.  Sometimes people post a photo of fun video for Shiya and we look at those. I always ask if he wants to say anything to any of his friends of family. I never coerce him to do this nor do I edit his words. So if you get fb message from Shiya yo be sure it’s really from him!

Today we logged on and there a lot of photos of Ayrie. When we came this this photo he told me he wanted to say something and he started singing. If I stopped typing he would stop too and say, “I’m not done, mom! Keep typing.”  This is what he sang:

I love you Ayrie, so much! So much, everywhere. And I just love you. I keep just loving you now. I keep loving you so much. And you love me too too. And I love you too. Ayrie and me have angels that love us. And we sleep and the angels take us anywhere and everywhere that we want to go.

So we go anywhere, anywhere in the city, or in Africa. Even if it’s dangerous, we can go. We can just go in the car to watch the dangerous animals. There’s so much love. And everywhere there is love so we get so, so, so much love everywhere. So much everywhere.

And also you get the love. And we make the love. Our hearts make the love. And you and me have love. And you and me have love. There’s so much everywhere!! So everywhere goes love. Everywhere goes love. Everywhere goes looooove. Everybody’s got love.

You even get love on an airplane. you got really quick on the airplane before it goes away. But you have to put on your buckles and not stand up. You have to sit down and only get up to go potty. You can go poo poo or pee pee but you have to wash your hands. You have to wash your hands. You have to wash your hands before the airplane lands.”


Am I lucky or what to have this shining soul as my son?!