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I wrote this morning on facebook, “I have never felt such positivity and peace on a January 1st.”  There are a lot of reasons this is true but there is one that is with me in every moment and in every breath.  I’ll describe it below… and you’ll see how much my thinking has evolved over the last year.  It astounds me, really.

I visited an amazing healer and medium, Marie Olmstead, in New Hampshire.  We spent nearly 3 hours together clearing my energy and talking to Ayrie and my guardian angels.  Is was amazing.  We tape recorded it because Ayrie told Marie “A lot is going to be said today and I want her to forget any of it.” So just minutes into the session Marie left and went out to her care to get a tape recorder.  At some point I am going to sit down and transcribe it.  But for now I am going to share the message that has completely changed my perspective.

Marie told me that Ayrie and I have been together for many lives.  I’m an old soul with a lot of wisdom and power (news to me!) and Ayrie is much older and wiser.  He’s a healer and doesn’t incarnate much.  He tends to do his work from beyond, healing very damaged souls from all over the world.  (This is almost exactly what he told me in a previous dream:  Wow.  I’m in awe.

He told Marie that he was with me and (and others) at my pre-birth planning session and that I was chosen for something big and hard, and that I needed to go through what I have gone through because I’ll work in this life as a ‘wounded healer’.  He told her that I am on the cusp of beginning my life’s work and that my work is not going to be what I think it’s going to be.  It’s going to be something bigger and more visible, in the public eye.  He said that I was chosen in this life to be a model to others, to inspire.  He also called me ‘sister’ (which actually feels much more right than ‘mother’).  He said I was chosen because he and I work well together, because I have gifts, and because he is able to work with me and work through me.  My PhD is important to what I’m going to do because my intellect is important. (And to think I only joined a PhD program because Ayrie got sick, I lost me job, and I needed student loans as income!)

I feel so blessed to be chosen by Ayrie.  I feel so empowered to know he is there as my brother and partner just on the other side of this realm. I feel so much responsibility to be open and courageous so that he can work through and with me.  And I feel excited.

And it’s this message from Ayrie that gives me so much peace.  (And the angels, but that’s for a different post!)