Message from Ayrie

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Today we are boarding a plane for Colorado to connect with Ayrie. A year ago today I was boarding a plane for Boston, scared by Ayrie’s breathing, but expecting to have nothing but another routine surgery.

It’s almost inconceivable to me that I’ve made it through this past year… but that’s for another blog post.  What I want to share here is the message that I tell Shiya befor bed every night, “I am a lucky mommy.  I have one baby on the earth and one baby in the sky and we all take care of each other.”  I rarely take a “poor me”, “poor us”, or “poor you” attitude with Shiya.

And Ayrie does take care of us in unbelievable ways.  One way is by communicating through dreams.  People describe these more as ‘visits’ than dreams and there is one message he shares among others that is always the same.  It a recent dream that Gaylyn Bicking had he delivered the message to her as a poem and asked her to write it down when she woke up.  This is what he said.

Message from Ayrie

You are not alone
I am here
Ask me a question
and I will answer
Listen hard
I know you can

Feel my love
I loved you in life
and you loved me
We loved each other
strong and true
There was never
any doubt

Smile when you
think of me
We used to laugh a lot
We still can
if we let ourselves

I am Ayrie
and you are my love

I love you ayrie.