the ways in which ayrie is still with us

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I’m amazed at the ways in which ayrie is still with us, by number of people he watches out for and takes care of.  I’m beginning to really feel how connected all humans are with the universe and I think that as I keep my mind open and I am going to see that the connections are deeper and more vast than I ever imagined.  While I seem to sense him through my visions, with other people he seems to be much more physical.  I have one friend that has heard from Ayrie and she said that when he talked to her it felt as though he was jumping on her head.  He had messages for me and about me.  It was very touching.

My friend Alexis wrote this to me:

I had one of those surreal, this must be an alternate reality and it didn’t really happen moments yesterday while I was driving home and it felt like someone punched me square in the chest. This morning on my way in to work, I saw a rainbow orb (no other way to describe it) high up in the cloudy sky… It still amazes me that Ayrie touches people he never met, yet, there he is. ♥

And I had another friend write this:

This morning, just an hour ago, our car was stuck in a snow drift at the edge of our driveway.  Really stuck.  I thought we’d have to walk out and spend the day at home.  Then suddenly Aidan told me to ask Ayrie for help.  And I did, out loud.  I’ve been telling the boys (weeks ago) that they can call on Ayrie for help.  And he helped.  With an amazing push.  I cannot believe that we are not still stuck there.

I am so grateful that people take the time to write about these experiences and send them to me!   And I am even more grateful that Ayrie is watching out for the people I care about.