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Shiya has been having a great time in New Hampshire with his relatives, but especially enjoying his cousins.  There’s an ease with cousins that can be different than the relationship even with a close friend.  And Jonah and Orion have really been looking out for Shiya, including him in their play, taking care of him.

Tomorrow we will head to Boston and spend a night in a hotel before leaving from Logan on Thursday morning.  (We were supposed to fly out to Richard and Christa’s engagement party in St. Louis on Monday but got snowed in).  I’ve been trying to connect with one of our favorite nurses while we are in Boston and was writing her the following email when Shiya walked into the room.

I am guessing that we won’t be able to see you if you get off at 10am but could definitely see you if you get off at 2:30pm.  We could meet up at the hotel in Cambridge, or a kid friendly place, or Shiya and I could come up to the 10th floor at MEEI.  I think it might be nice for him to see Ayrie’s ‘Boston hospital’ but also not sure if it would be confusing for him.  Maybe he would think that Ayrie is going to be there?

So I asked Shiya if he wanted to go to Ayrie’s Boston hospital and he said yes.  I told him, “Ayrie won’t be there though.”

“Why?”  he asked.

“Because Ayrie died and he’s not at the hospital anymore.”

Shiya climbed up into my lap and put his head on my chest.  “I want Ayrie to come back soon,” he said softly.

“I know sweetie,” I said, running my hands through his hair.  Trying to soothe him.  Trying to soothe myself as I held him.

“I want Ayrie to come back soon,” he repeated until he fell asleep in my arms.