Invitation to join our community writing project.

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If you are reading this blog, you are invited to join the writing project.  Even if we have never met in person, the fact that you care enough to read about our family makes you an important part of our community. xoxo.  nora

Why a community writing project?

The loss of my dear Ayrie has been devastating.  I am at the edge of a very dark and seemingly endless abyss filled with pain and despair that I fear I will descend into at any moment.  What has kept me from falling over that edge in the past few weeks is the memory of Ayrie’s shining presence; my commitment to living the same beautiful life that he taught us to live while he was with us (for both mine and Shiya’s sake); and the support of the powerful community that has been created around us and with us over the past four years.

Ayrie did not run from what was hard.  He didn’t cry when it was time to have surgery, but rather donned a crown and declared himself “King of the OR”.  So rather than shy away from painful reminders of my loss, I hope our collective written reflections and will help us uncover the joy and wisdom that Ayrie brought into our lives.   We may even find that there are lessons to be published and shared beyond our community.

So I have redesigned my participatory evaluation class to create this unique community writing project titled: A community based participatory evaluation of the impact of the loss of a child on a community. I invite you to take this reflective journey with me.

To learn more or to join, click here.