Helping in our time of grief

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People have been asking how they can help so I have thought of ten ways.  I am sure there are more so please don’t feel limited.  All gestures, thoughts & prayers are so very much appreciated.

  1. Write February 16th, Ayrie’s birthday on your calendar and call us every year.  Stay connected.  Be in our lives.  Help us remember him with joy.

  2. Make a donation to our family through my sister’s paypal link on the right hand side of this website or send a check to Nora Murphy, 3015 10th Ave S, Apt 1, Minneapolis, MN 55407.

  3. Send us frequent flier miles or plane tickets so we can come visit you.

  4. Send cards or emails to me & Shiya at random times throughout the year.  We will still be grieving and needing your love and support in a week, in a month, in a year…

  5. Send ideas about how to honor and remember Ayrie through our thoughts, words and actions.

  6. Bring over food so we don’t eat cheese sticks and apple sauce for dinner every night.

  7. Invited us to a place in nature or in the world that we’ve never seen before.

  8. Send photos by mail or email that we can put in Ayrie’s memory book.

  9. Host a scrap booking party to help me build Ayrie’s memory book (sort of not sure how to do this!)

  10. Help us cherish the old memories while building new ones.

With much love,