Some recent thoughts….

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Ayrie: mom. when I grow up and shiya lives in a different house, will I recognize him when he changes his clothes?

Shiya: I’m not silly.. I’m Shiya Moo-fee!

Ayrie: Next time I go the the OR, are they going to cut my throat open?

Shiya:  When the airplane lifted into the air and we could see the city below Shiya exclaimed, “I’m so happy!”

Ayrie: “Mom!  Mom! I have my first hair!!”  Ayrie discovered that he’s growing some hair on his arm and he is so very excited.  He told me he’s a big boy now and asked Ian all about when he’s going to get other types of hair on his body.

Ayrie: “Emmy, sometimes I feel like Ian is my daddy.”

Shiya: “Where’s Ayrie?”  Shiya asks this 20 times a day.  It’s the first thing he says every morning and he’ll ask me where Ayrie is even when Ayrie is only three feet away.

Emily:  Last night Shiya spent a long time building a hill in their bedroom. He tested out a number of ways to do it, but ultimately put a pile of books and PJ’s under the rug (it was a very methodical process). They he declared it was a hill. And he spent a lot of time climbing to the top of it saying “I’m on a hill.””