King of the OR

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We just returned from New England and Ayrie’s 21st surgery. We went to our favorite hospital with its supremely talented staff, Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary. A lot of friends, new and old, stopped by to see us. The highlight for Ayrie this visit was the crown that Ashley, the child life specialist, made for Ayrie when we were waiting on the surgical floor for the procedure to start. When Nancy (the OR nurse) and Martin (the Anesthesiologist) wheeled Ayrie down the hall to the OR he was putting his fist in the air declaring, “I’m the king of the OR!” He was so excited to be king that he hopped right up onto the table in the OR, eager for “his favorite part”… those must be some good drugs!

He woke up two hours later groggy, with a sweaty head, an IV, an oxygen mask and still wearing the crown!  We took the crown, his mask, and his booties to his grandparents house in New Hampshire and showed them what a King of the OR looks like 🙂

Thank you everyone who has donated.  We were able to make this trip because of you. The tickets for Ayrie and I cost $1,250 and I absolutely could not have bought them without your help.  Ayrie’s doing better and better and I’m hoping that the King of the OR will be able to take a 3-month hiatus.

With love,