Loving summer

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Life changes quickly, doesn’t it?  I think it’s a given.  Just when you think you have a small respite and time to catch your breath, everything changes!

We are enjoying our first summer in Minneapolis and hope to hit all twelve of the public beaches this summer!  (Did you know there are six amazing lakes within this city limits?  I think this is why people endure the winters here.  Summer us amazing!)

Ayrie is thriving at school and the teachers glowed about him at the last parent teacher conference.  I asked, of course, how he’s doing given that his voice is so quiet and they said that the other kids are really respectful.  They stop and listen, and seem to understand that if Ayrie across the playground that they need to get closer to him to talk with him instead of just yelling.  They also said that he’s been engaging in a lot of up close and personal play, like blocks and puzzles, reducing the need for a loud voice.

And Ayrie and Shiya are great friends.  Shiya throws a few (terrible two) tantrums and Ayrie generally deals with them better than I do!  Shiya can talk more and they’ve started having private conversations that I’m not privy to.  It’s wonderful

Ayrie’s health?  It’s hard to say.  Earlier this week when I was planning this blog post I was going to take a photo of him in his bed.  It might seem insignificant that he would be in his own bed, but for years he has been sleeping with me so I could hear his breathing in the middle of the night.  More than once I woke up, couldn’t hear his breathing and panicked!  But since we are seeing improvement and I don’t fear that he’s going to stop breathing in the middle of the night I have been transitioning them to their own beds.

And here is where life changed on a dime.  He’s been getting short of breath and has been vomiting.  So what is it?  The RRP?  A cold? Allergies?  The tracheomalacia?  I have no idea!!   So I wait it out.  And he and Shiya sleep with me again so I can monitor.  As always, I see what happens next and make quick decisions.

We don’t have health insurance right now because we get kicked off every six months as they process our re-application.  I am not sharing this fact to complain but simply because I think its absurd.  If his breathing problem gets worse… what are we going to do?  An Emergency Room and hope that we can figure out the bills… but really, I could do without the added stress!!

Overall, honestly, we are great.  Thanks for your continued support, thoughts and prayers.