Running for Ayrie

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Our very dear friends are organizing a fundraiser for Ayrie and for our new organization, Tombolo!  Visit their website, Running for Ayrie.  Tha

nk you Richard and Christa!!  I met Richard and Christa through my work in Chicago and they are absolutely devoted to Ayrie and Shiya. It was really wonderful to see their relationship with the boys develop in Chicago and it continues to develop long distance via visits and skype.  Richard and Christa have the amazing ability to be at a playground or play hide and seek for 2 hours or more.  They are nurturing, patient, fun and generous.  They are both a child and a parents’ dream 🙂

As part of their fundraiser, Richard and Christa are currently accepting donations for gifts to contributers and for an auction.  Anything small from note handmade items to larger pieces of art are appreciated!  If you have donations for the auction or know anyone that Richard and Christa should consider contacting, you can contact them here:

I put together a short slideshow of photos that outlines some of the last few years.

On another happy note, Shiya is talking so much and I am really understanding what he is saying!  What a happy and creative mind he has!  Ayrie and I are flying to Boston this weekend for a Monday surgery.  It’s been 13 weeks, double to triple our usual time interval.  yay!!!!

We love you all.