The Magic Tree House

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One day at school a teacher mentioned to me that Ayrie has really good retention for the chapter books that they read every day before nap time. I asked Ayrie about it and he told me that his favorite books were ‘The Magic Tree House’ books. So I bought a few and we’ve been reading almost two a week. The books have taken us to the Titanic, the Civil War, an 1890’s science exploration ship, and Indian jungle and more. I told our Aunt Pat how much we were enjoying the books and she happily told us that she had a whole box of Magic Tree House books from her classroom that she could send us. As soon as Ayrie opened the box he spread the books across the floor and spent at least an hour looking at them. To my delight, Shiya loves looking at the books too and even sleeps with them under his pillow.

Ayrie reading Magic Tree House books