when i grow up…

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Ayrie just turned four and has been thinking a lot about growing up.  Here are three exchanges we had today about growing up:

conversation one

A: mom, when i was a baby, did i have brown skin?

N: yes

A: mom, when i’m a man, will i still have brown skin?

N: yes

A: nods his head in satisfaction


conversation 2

A: mom, when i grow up will I still have the same voice that I had when I was three?

N: maybe, what what your voice like when it was three?

A: like it is now

N: you mean quiet?

A: yes

N: well, I don’t know.  your voice might be like it is now, or it might be different.  I’m really not sure.

A: I want to have the same voice.

N: well your voice will always be your own so no matter what, that part won’t change.  do you like having a quiet voice?

A: yes. no.  well, I go to the doctor a lot.  and i want to keep going a lot so that my voice can get louder and louder and louder.

N: we will do that, sweetie.  we will definitely do that.  but I don’t know if the doctor can make it louder.  we just have to keep trying.

A: okay, mom. (Ayrie seems satisfied for the time being)


conversation 3

A: mom, i don’t want to grow up.

N: well, even when you grow up you will always be  my baby

A: i know, but I want to stay this way, but have my numbers keep getting bigger

N: Ayrie, you can stay young as long as you want to!