Potty Time

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“Did I do it? Did I go potty?”
Shiya still has to ckeck to make sure. And when he sees urine in he potty he exclaims, “Yay! I did it! My penis went pee pee!” And then he finds the nearest person to do a high five.

And then comes the good part.  He gets to empty his potty into the grown up toilet, close the lid, flush the toilet and turn off the bathroom light.  He just loves this part of the ritual!

I’m trying to go cold turkey.  No more diapers during the day.  I already stocked up day care with six pairs of pants and a dozen pairs on underpants.

He went potty as I wrote this and he’s marching around the house saying “I did it” in time to the beat of his marching.  I think he’s feeling pretty proud 🙂