where’s shiya?

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so where’s shiya?  when Ayrie and I are in Boston, there are always a lot of updates about our progress.  but where is dear, sweet, resilient Shiya when all of this is going on?  luckily we have a lot of friends and family that help out at a moment’s notice and even luckier that shiya seems to enjoy this time.  monica and eryn took care of his time time and here’s a quote from an email update that monica sent to me:

Shiya went to bed fine last night, although he did get upset at one point and say “i want garrett!”  He went to bed a little after 10 and coughed from about 1:00-2:00, but slept solidly after that and didn’t wake me up until 9, which I appreciated.  Drop off went fine.  He wanted to go to Ayrie’s room and I told him Ayrie wasn’t there.  He said, “why?”.  I explained the situation and he seemed satisfyed with my explanation.  He went his classroom eagerly.  His teacher gave him a great big hug and he collapsed into her arms.  As I left he was starting to play fireman happily.

Eryn and I have a meeting tonight so Shiya will be having dinner at Laurel’s.  When I told him that he would be going to Si’s he kept repeating it over and over.   He seems excited.