Emily and Ian’s Wedding

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Today Emily and Ian announced their engagement. Yay!!  Obviously Ian already feels like a “brother-in-law” and Ayrie and Shiya are his nephews, but it will be fun that they are getting married.  Here are some of Ayrie’s responses

  • All of us were working in the yard today planting perennials and bulbs before winter comes.  Ian dug up a piece of broken concrete and Ayrie washed it off with water “for the wedding”
  • He said out of the blue, “It’s too bad that ye-ye won’t be able to come to the wedding party because he’s too scared to fly”
  • “Are Jonah and Orion allowed to come to the wedding?  Can we play together at the party”  After grinning and grinning upon learning that Jonah and Orion would be at the party Ayrie told us that he’s so excited to show them the new yard!
  • Ayrie asked me, “Are Emily and Ian going to die after they get married?”  I told him no and he asked, “Do some people get died after they get married?”  I explained that everyone dies some time but that Emily and Ian won’t die until they get older.  With a grave face he told me, “I’ll miss Emmy and Ian when they die.”  (I know this might sound morbid but Ayrie asks about death a lot but in a very matter of fact way.  He does’t see it as a sad thing.)
  • “Can I invite more friends to the wedding?  Can Si come to the wedding?”