mom! mom!

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Shiya was up first today and we both got a lot of sleep last night so we were feeling good.  He was running away from me laughing with a saturated diaper that hung down to his knees, pajamas and one fireman boot on.  We stopped when we heard Ayrie calling from the bedroom.  When we went in to see him he was bouncing up and down on the bed in his blue pajamas with beard and goldfish yelling “Mom!  Mom!”  I said “good morning Ayrie.”  And he just kept saying “Mom!  Mom!” and looking at me expectantly.  I realized that his voice was louder than it has been in the past 3 weeks.  I said “Your voice is loud!” (It’s at about 40% right now) and he just grinned and grinned.  And then he said my breathing is better too!!  And just smiled and jumped.  Then he broke out into a coughing fit… the kind that hurts your throat and chest… and when it passed he grinned and said “I’m still sick but at least my breathing is better and my  voice is louder!”

Now if that doesn’t tell you something about his personality!  Yesterday he kept telling be that he wasn’t having trouble breathing.

I’m suspecting that he has a type of asthma that’s induced by colds.  So on Wednesday night he came down with a cold.  By Thursday night he was wheezy and short of breath and he breathing was quick and shallow.  When he breathed there was tugging on his collar bone and ribs.  Classic asthma.  I was DETERMINED not to go to the emergency room so I tried every kind of voo doo intervention I could on Thursday just to get through to the morning.  At 8am I called the pediatrician’s office and no one could see Ayrie.  I called the children’s clinic in St. Paul too and no one could see him.  They all told me to go to the ER.

So I’m freaking out.  We don’t need an ER.  I don’t want to be there trying to explain why not to call the ENT group who won’t see us anymore and will treat us with disdain.  If we go to the clinic they might send us home with medicine.  If we go to the ER Ayrie will be admitted.  So I was determined to keep him out of the ER and only take him in if he really, really, really couldn’t breath.  So Emily and Ian and I worked together to keep him and shiya doing low key things (legos and movies) in rooms with the humidifier and air filter on while drinking lots of fluids and eating basic foods.  It could have taken a turn for the worse, or for the better… and as you can see from this morning, it took a turn for the better!