no hitting, kicking, screaming or biting!

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The boys started a new school today!  They are now enrolled at the University of Minnesota’s Child Care Center.  It’s a center, which is the down side.  But it’s NAYCE accredited and seems like a really nice place.  The teachers were friendly, the rooms are clean and inviting, there’s a lot of beautiful outdoor space, the food is healthy and the curriculum is engaging.  The big plus it that it’s only fifteen minutes from home a mile from my office. 

Ayrie told me that none of the kids hit, kicked, screamed or bit him today.  So that’s a plus, right? 🙂  Neither of them wanted to leave when I went to pick them up and I’ve assured Ayrie many times that he gets to go back tomorrow.  So all in all it was a good first day!  Shiya’s teachers said he was really focused on playing and trying out every toy.  Ayrie’s teachers thought he was very self-confident and really good at puzzles. 

We were lucky that they shortened their hours and some of the families had to leave because we were able to get in after one month on the waiting list rather than the typical 18 months.