will i die, mom?

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Ayrie has been asking about death a lot, seemingly unrelated to his own health experiences.  So what does a 3 year old want to know about death?

  • will i die mommy?
  • why will i die mommy?
  • do kids and their mommy’s die at the same time?
  • does everyone who dies go in an ambulance?
  • will i still have my bones when i die?
  • will i still have my face when i die?
  • will monica and eryn die too?
  • what will happen to our houses when we die?

Being unsure myself about what death means and what happens after one dies we are struggling through this discussion together.  We talked about how people have a physical body and a spiritual body and his physical body (the parts he can touch like bones and skin) will turn back into earth and his spiritual body (the parts he can’t touch like thoughts and feelings) will always be around so people can feel how much he loves them.

He’s asked me about death a lot lately so it will be interesting to chart how his questions and my answers evolve!