The weight is lifting

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A weight has lifted and i am going through a re-birth of sorts. rrp is a terrible burden for us, but we have friends, families and the best dr in the world.

Ayrie: I’m not sure how this affects him. From not being heard, to strange reactions from strangers, surprise hospital visits, constant anesthesia, physical pain, etc…. and yet a 3-year-old doesn’t have the words to tell he how he feels or what he needs. He can tell me with words when he’s sad, scared, worried, frustrated, has ‘owies’ or just doesn’t feel ‘quite right’, but these feelings only scratch the surface.

Shiya:  He’s with people he loves, but he’s not with us.  I haven’t spent a night with Shiya in almost two weeks.  This is really hard on me and I have no idea how it impacts Shiay.

Me:  What can I say?  When your kid is sick your world becomes painfully narrow and it’s hard to think straight.

i am going to make sure that we are able to learn from the good and put it to use… personally and professionally. If I haven’t reached out to personally thank you yet, I will soon!