too much

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Today was too much.

They told me that ayrie has scar tissue on his vocal cords. So much scar tissue that his airway is compromised they don’t want to send him home. It’s not safe.

They want to keep him here for the week to heal from this surgery, and then do another surgery next week to cut through the scar tissue to open his airway back up.
Then they will heavily sedate and paralyze him (think coma without totally shutting down brain activity) for 3-5 days while this wound heals. He’ll likely have some addiction and more healing so they’ll keep him here for another 2 weeks while he is weaned off of the drugs, healing, disoriented, uncoordinated and confused.

The likelihood that he will need a tracheotomy is very high, and the likelihood that we will ever hear his beautiful voice again is very low.

A tracheotomy will make the disease worse.

Enough bad news to digest in one day?