begging for surgery

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It breaks my heart.  This morning, like the last few, Ayrie has woken me up to ask if we could go to the hospital today.  He cries and tells me that he doesn’t like having a quiet voice and that he wants them to make it better.  Why is a 2 year old begging for an operation?  And what if it doesn’t even bring his voice back?  More often than not, he still can’t talk after surgery.

If I am counting my blessings though, at least he’s not terrified of the whole surgery procedure.  He seems to focus his fear on the mask, and is terrified of anything that looks like a mask, makes steam or sounds like a generator.  He’s been frightened of steaming food, a steaming shower, the sound of the air vent in the car, a blizzard… he covers his mouth in fear, cries, and all you can see are his terrified little eyes.