Shiya’s waving, falling, and getting the biggest hug in the world

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Shiya is turning into a tiny little person!  Last week he learned how to crawl, how to wave hello and got his first two teeth.  He loves Ayrie above all others, and shrieks in delight when ayrie comes into his field of vision.

He’s just starting to move beyond standing, and is beginning to pull himself up on anything and everything.  This was pretty funny in the bath tub last night because he didn’t have traction with his hands or feet and kept falling back into the water, to great his surprise.  But he never cried, even as he was coughing and blinking away the water, he just kept trying again.

Ayrie loves Shiya too, (even though he’s protective of his toys), and on the way home from the doctor’s appointment today, Ayrie told me that he missed Shiya and that when he saw him, he was going to give him ‘the biggest hug in the world’.