dear ayrie and shiya

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i’m sorry.

sometimes i don’t have enough patience.  today was one of those days.  sometimes i am too tired, too stressed, too worried (about real problems) or too focused on the things that aren’t important (made up problems) to be in the moment.  i over react and i am not the loving mother that i want to be, that i should be.

so sometimes when you feel sad, cranky or obstinant, I am not understanding enough.  i rush you or raise my voice when i should take a moment to listen or given an extra hug.

ayrie, you are such an old soul.  there are times when you process things in a more mature and thoughtful way than I do!  it can be disconcerting but it is amazing to watch.   i think when you act 3 and get irrationally upset i over react because i forget that you are, in fact, only 3.  but you are so kind, caring and thoughtful.  when shiya falls, you pick him up.  when you get juice for yourself, you also get juice for shiya.  you take care of people.   i am proud to be your mother.

shiya, the twos have hit and tantrums are abound.  but you are filled with this incredible light.  your spirit has the ability to rise above any negativity in the moment, and elevate others along with you. sometimes ayrie and i are scowling and you are laughing.  we look at you, we look at each other, and soon we are laughing too.

thank you both for the gifts that you share with me.

i love being your mom.

xo  nora