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it’s my third night on a hospital couch and i see many, many, many more nights like this in the near future.  i wish i was sleeping as soundly as ayrie right now or home cuddling with shiya.  i’m so grateful that people are taking care of shiya so i can be here all the time for ayrie, but i really miss the day to day of being shiya’s mom.  i love that little guy!!

the murphy/bicking/trimmer clan all cut there vacation short to be here with us.  There have been so many tough decisions and so much hard news that I can’t imagine how i would have any sanity in tact if they weren’t here.

people are making donations to our flights and i’m floored by their generosity.  I’m guessing that we’ll spend $3,000 in airfare this time and will need a hotel room.

ayrie was able to leave the room for the first time this week (in underpants, a gown and a face mask!) and he and shiya had a blast with monica and eryn in the sibling play room.

i can’t sleep but i’m too tired to write any more.

goodnight!  nora