walking and puzzling

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Shiya had one sleepless night last week and when he got up the next day he was a walker!  I haven’t seem  him crawl for more than a few feet since that morning.  His walking is funny, a little unbalanced, but fast and focused.  He especially likes to walk while carrying things like package of toilet paper or two winter boots.  This stage is such a relief because I can actually put him down and do something that requires two hands, like look for the keys.

He’s also continuing to hone his musical talents and can carry the tune to ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and Beethoven’s 5th  well enough that I can recognize what he’s singing.  He has eight teeth and can eat everything; babbles all day but rarely says any words; often sleeps through the night; is always a mess because he won’t keep his bib on; is goofy and will do anything for a laugh.


Last night I bought Ayrie some jig saw puzzle and he was incredible!  He was so studious and persistent with his train tracks that I was pretty sure he would like to have some more challenging puzzles.  I was right!