My body is trying to tell me something

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I have never weighed more in my life… and i can’t sleep or type without a lot of ibuprofin because it hurts so much.  what do these have in common?  stress!  I learned just how sensative my body is to stress when I was pregnant to shiya.  I had gestational diabetes, which they found through a glucose test.  they had me drink sygar syrup and then took my blood sugar readings at certain times.   What we found was that by the second reading, my body had actually controlled the sugar that i ate, but as they were monitoring me, my blood sugar shot up again even though i had not eaten anything.  the explanation?  When i am stressed, my liver releases glucose into my blood stream.  It totally and completely overreacts.  In the good old days, the glucose would have been need for my ‘flight’ or ‘fight’.  Now, it just turns into fat.  Add that to the fact that I am an emotial eater, and you have a disaster.  The perfect recipie for being overwieght, feeling terrible about myself and being on the fast-track to full blown diabetes.  With Shiya I was stressed over people’s disapproval (whether real or imagined) of my pregnancy with him.  Now, I am stressed over Ayrie, what life has in store for him, and trying to know what I need to do to navigate us all through this as safely (emotionally and physically) as possible.